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The new LifeStyle 24 collection is here, with which you can join the different trends that are fashionable in the market. From the Spooky phenomenon with Wednesday, Nightmare Before Christmas, BeetleJuice, Stranger Things or the Grinch to products from the classics like Stitch, Barbie, Villanas and Minnie that are a MUST for your business.

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XMAS🎄 Collection

From slippers at home, to socks in very special packs for gifts or stationery... As you can see, we have everything you need to keep your point of sale fresh and attractive during the Christmas season. And with a clear protagonist: THE GRINCH💚

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Christmas Ball

If there is one thing you can't miss during the Christmas season, it's Christmas baubles. For fans of stationery or stocking stuffers.... They're perfect as a Secret Santa gift idea!

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After the great reception that the Grinch is having at Christmas time and especially in social networks, this Jersey is going to become a MUST for your business.

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Furry set

Furry set

And if you're looking for products that stand out and attract attention, this furry notebook and matching pom pom pen are perfect for your store.
The Grinch is coming back to your store for Christmas!


Beauty products are becoming, more and more, highly demanded items by consumers. And in Cerdá Group we have developed these 100% licensed products with a very cool twist to attract the attention of your customers.

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Hair brushes

Discover our 100% licensed hair brushes! With different shapes and characters, they will become an irresistible choice for those looking for quality and originality.
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Beauty Set

Offer your clients the perfect combination. These sets include a cosmetic bag, hairbrush and matching scrunchies . This is a very popular gift option.
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Toiletry bags

Add these toiletry bags to your business and differentiate yourself from your competition. From classic designs to 3D applications such as Villanas or Stitch.
They won't go unnoticed!

Stationery 📚

Do you want to know which stationery products are going to succeed in your business? We present them to you!

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This season we have designed new notebooks of Nightmare Before Christmas, Wednesday, Harry Potter and many more. In addition, following the new market trends, the "TEDY" effect notebooks of Stitch and Barbie are going to become a must in your point of sale.

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Stationery Sets

The 100% licensed stationery sets promise to be a TOP seller: to give as a Christmas gift or for a birthday. Include it in your catalog and you will see how it becomes a recurring item.

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By incorporating this STITCH planner into your checkout, you will see them become an impulse buy product.
Don't miss this opportunity to increase your sales!

Sports T-shirts🎽

With the upcoming Olympics in mind, from Cerdá we have developed a whole line of sports t-shirts that will allow you to capitalize on this exciting event. Our products combine style and functionality in search of satisfying the needs of sports fans, and I'm sure they could be a hit with your customers, so take advantage to offer them the best in sports products!

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Discover the new line of 100% licensed pajamas for adults, with exclusive designs from Stitch, Cheshire, Nightmare Before Christmas and many more.
With options for all seasons, guaranteeing comfort for your customers. Renew your inventory with the lifestyle collection, and turn your store into a fan-favorite destination.



In Cerdá Group we have developed umbrellas, slipers and backpacks that can not miss in your business whatever time of year it is.

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The adult public also likes to carry umbrellas of their favorite characters. That is why we have designed umbrellas of the most demanded characters by the adult target such as Wednesday, Cheshire, Villanas, Stitch, Barbie, Lotso and Minnie.

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With these 100% licensed home slippers you will get
your customers to increase
the average ticket of their purchase.
Together with our pajamas
they become the perfect
the perfect combination!



If your customers are Harry Potter fans you know how important Dobby is. Stock these socks and you'll see how they cross-sell with other items and become a top gift choice.

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Designed for any situation, in this new collection you can find:
- Everyday backpacks with iridescent applications.
- Casual backpacks with computer pocket
- Totte bags
- Tote bags


Slow and steady🖥️

Discover with our colleague Sandra Ruíz, assistant manager of SuperMoments, all our winter footwear models and their technical characteristics. We make it easy for you: 

▶️Con less than 15 minutes of video you will know everything you need to know about our footwear. 

🖱️Material didactic with features and photos that will make it very easy for you to learn.
Final test for you and your team to test what you have learned.

📚 If you have any doubts, ask! On the Retail Lab platform we give you support whenever you need it. 

Nueva llamada a la acción

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You can't see it but you can feel it🌱.

We work with sustainable and easily recyclable materials to offer the best packaging solution not only for the customer but also for the planet. We are in this together!

Our goal is to be a benchmark in our industry with a product offering that respects a standard of environmental compliance/commitment above and beyond the normative.

Much more than just products

In addition to designing products for the new collection. In Cerdáwe help youin the management of your business, anticipating the difficulties by creating solutions tailored to your needs so that you can spend time on what is really important.



Get trained with our free online courses, at your own pace and from wherever you want.

Knowing the products you offer to your customer as well as the characteristics, materials, care even the top characters is essential to advise and resolve doubts that your customer has.


Online and offline

We store all products in our facilities so you don't have to worry about stock.

Also through your customer area of our website you can get that top selling item for your business.


Do you have a point of sale?

This is of interest to you. We put at your disposal:

Marketingtools, visual resources, examples of in-store implementations,, displays, product photos, signage, own photo shoots . ... Everything at your disposal.


Effective and sustainable

Packaging plays an essential role in product presentation, protection and marketing.

That's why at Cerdá we work with sustainable materials to offer you the best packaging solution for you and the planet.

A great opportunity for your business.

We help you get the most out of our products with implementation tips, how to promote cross-selling, new products, collections and much more!