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Introducing the new Winter 24 collection! 
Discover new products from classics such as Spidey, as well as new characters
new characters like Barbie, Wednesday and many more.

Set your business up for success with these new designs!

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... concepts such as metaverse, mindful gaming, AI, dopamine, sundriyng, streaming or second hand are part of our reality. 

Emotions, technology, nature and creativity are the promoters of this revolution in which people are more and more connected with home, with nature, with well-being, with the earth... Ready to connect with us, do you want to discover our new Winter 24 collection?


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Hooded or hoodless, full print or positional. These sweatshirts from The Lion King, Wednesday, Barbie, Spider-Man or Frozen reflect 100% the latest trends in children's fashion. Do you want to know all the characters available?

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Get ready to enter the fashion arena, because baseball fever is back stronger than ever! This 2024, with the Olympics in Paris, we're betting on this macro trend and celebrating the sporting spirit that will inspire the whole year.

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Once again this year we can't miss the exclusive Christmas designs with 100% popular characters: Grogu, Stitch, Spiderman, Sonic, Minnie and Mickey, following the growing trend of #uglyjumper! 

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Family style is back with Disney 100 pyjamas. With designs that capture the essence of the characters that have marked generations along with small iridescent details that evoke the celebration of Disney's 100 years.


Raise the appeal of your stock with these Barbie and Bluey cushions, two of the trendiest characters. Thanks to the combination of shapes and 3D elements, it's an eye-catching product that's perfect for cross-selling your business.

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✔️ By offering cushions of these characters, you will attract customers who have an emotional connection to them.

✔️ You will see your sales increase thanks to the recognition of Barbie and Bluey.

✔️ You will differentiate yourself from your competition by including a new product type in your shop.


Accessories for the winter season are essential for any business. Do you want to know which ones are going to be a hit in your business this winter?

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This season we have launched this set of hat and mitten gloves without the top part of the fingers...
A very teen trend with trendy characters like Wednesday, Stitch or Barbie as main characters!

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These socks whose packaging turns into a piggy bank promise to be a TOP seller: as a Christmas or birthday gift. Include it in your catalogue and you will see how it will become a recurring item.

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One of the main concerns of your customers is that their little ones stay warm during the winter. So neckerchiefs and scarves from the classics are a MUST for your shop.


At Cerdá Group we have developed footwear for any situation: for everyday use, for being at home or for rainy days. Keep reading because we will tell you more in detail!

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After the success of our footwear in all our collections, we bet on it again by offering your customers a wide variety of products: school trainers, trainers with or without lights, boots...

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With these 100% licensed slippers, you will increase your customers' average purchase, and together with our pyjamas, they are the perfect combination!

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You already know that the different range of children's wellies are a basic for the winter season. These are products that don't take up space in your shop and also work very well as gifts.


Slow and steady🖥️

Discover with our colleague Sandra Ruíz, assistant manager of SuperMoments, all our winter footwear models and their technical characteristics. We make it easy for you: 

▶️ With less than 15 minutes of video you will know everything you need to know about our footwear. 

🖱️ Didactic material with features and photos that will make it very easy for you to learn.
Final test for you and your team to test what you have learned.

📚 If you have any doubts, ask! On the Retail Lab platform we give you support whenever you need it.

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You can't see it but you can feel it🌱

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We work with sustainable and easily recyclable materials to offer the best packaging solution not only for the customer but also for the planet. We are in this together!

Our aim is to be a benchmark in our sector with a product offering that respects a standard of environmental compliance/commitment above and beyond the regulations.

Much more than products

In addition to the design of products from the new collection. At Cerdá we help you in the management of your business by anticipating difficulties and creating solutions tailored to your needs so that you can spend time on what is really important.



Train yourself with our free online courses, at your own pace and from wherever you want.

Knowing the products you offer to your client as well as the characteristics, materials, care and even the top characters is essential to advise and resolve any doubts your client may have.


Online and offline

We store all products in our facilities so you don't have to worry about stock.

Also through your customer area of our website you can get that top selling item for your business.


Do you have a point of sale?

This is of interest to you. We put at your disposal:

Marketing tools, visual resources, examples of in-store implementations, displays, product photos, posters, in-house photo shoots... Everything at your disposal.


Effective and sustainable

Packaging plays an essential role in the presentation, protection and marketing of the product.

That's why at Cerdá we work with sustainable materials to offer you the best packaging solution for you and for the planet.

A great opportunity for your business.

We help you get the most out of our products with implementation tips, how to encourage cross-selling, new products, collections and much more!