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We collaborate with different licenses, creating themed products that appeal to fans of all ages. Combining the quality and style of our products with the magic of beloved characters.

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With our Winter 22 Back To Essentials collection in Cerdá we want to go back to the origin, to value the essential and unique. This collection invites us to reconnect with what really matters.


Back To School

The Back To School collection is one of the most important and that's why SuperMoments Retail Lab has prepared for you several examples of implementations that you can adapt to your point of sale.

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The swimwear line is a complete collection that includes a wide variety of must-have items to enjoy sunny days and water activities. 

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Winter footwear

By implementing this winter footwear implementation, you will increase the average time customers spend at the point of sale.

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La línea Beauty tiene una rotación muy elevada. Aproximadamente cada dos meses se repone el 100% de la implantación. Aprende a implantar la colección beauty en tu tienda.

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This spring, this implementation of backpacks, dresses, beauty products and trainers with lights is going to become your perfect ally to increase the sales of your business. 
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Socks have gone from being a practical accessory to an essential accessory. Especially in the adult male sector. Learn how to implement them in your point of sale with Cerdá's Retail Lab.



The trend for all members of the same family to dress alike is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is known as Mini-me, and is the latest in fashion and style. Join the trend with this example of implementation and surprise your customers.


Umbrellas and wellies are two essential items that cannot be missing in your shop because they are articles that can be purchased at any time of the year, take up little space at the point of sale and are products suitable for all publics.



Nightwear and underwear are essential items that boost sales in your business. From the Cerdá Retail Lab we tell you how to implement this product in your shop easily, simply and without having to make a large investment.



With the arrival of the good weather, caps and sunglasses become the great ally of your customers and also the STAR PRODUCT of your business. Find out how you can implement them in your shop!

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