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Sustainable Awareness

At Cerdá we seek to promote a sustainable awareness in all areas of our company that will last over time. Aware that we can be part of the solution to global challenges, we base our sustainability strategy on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN.

"At Cerdá we are convinced that the best companies in the world
are the best companies for the world.

That is why we build our corporate culture on three key pillars:

  • the environment.
  • the economic.
  • the social.


Artesanía Cerdá is much more than products and services, it is commitment to our values. Values that are the values that Pepe Cerdá, founder and president of Artesanía Cerdá, has been able to transmit to his family and his business.

Humility, resilience, quality, passion and innovation are the benchmark of the company's ethical behaviour with all its stakeholders, including the people who form part of the Cerdá team.

We want to grow our project in a sustainable way under a model that allows the values and culture of Cerdá to be maintained over time.

The resources we consume come from renewable energy

For years Artesanía Cerdá has been carrying out actions aimed at reducing the ecological impact of our company and, among other environmental actions carried out, we have remodelled our energy system through the implementation of solar panels and geothermal energy systems, we hope to contribute to reducing climate change.


Carbon footprint

We aim to make our carbon footprint as low impact as possible.


Geothermal air conditioning

 For the air conditioning of the company we have 7 wells with a depth of 150 metres.

Photovoltaic energy

The electricity we consume is obtained directly from the solar energy installation.

To date, we are an example of a sustainable company and we are pursuing the goal of making our carbon footprint as low impact as possible. Through these installations, a large amount of clean energy is obtained, which is used by the company, avoiding the use of the electricity grid and favouring the environment.


Artesanía Cerdá, in its commitment to transparency, has prepared the SOS-tenability Report 2022, which brings together in an integrated way data on the commitments made to our stakeholders, to society and the environment, as well as information about our economic and financial performance.

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The objectives of Artesanía Cerdá's Sustainability Report 2022 of Artesanía Cerdá are as follows:

  • Share the organisation's commitments in terms of sustainability.
  • Accountability and transparency.
  • To meet the demands and expectations of society.
  • To have information on environmental performance, staff wellbeing and our contribution to the society around us, in order to improve.
  • Study the evolution of sustainability performance over time.

The Report includes the most outstanding actions in the field of Sustainability that have been developed by
Artesanía Cerdá during 2021 and in the different dimensions of sustainability. using a series of qualitative and quantitative indicators qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Healthy business model

The company that chooses to implement this model establishes the health of its team as a priority from a global approach, both physical and psychosocial, and promotes healthy lifestyle habits within its organisational climate.

We have been a Disney partner since 1987. We only work with licensed brands: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Nickelodeon... and other franchises.

We develop our products to be enjoyed by everyone: babies, children, teenagers, adults and even pets!

Focused on the special needs of the B2B market, we store all products in our facilities of more than 22.000 m2 offering a permanent stock to cover any special need. 

We have also developed services to make life easier for our partners by creating:

- Retail Support by providing our clients with marketing tools to help them better understand brand properties and by providing them with visuals, charts and sales techniques to enhance the user experience in their shops. 

- Digital integration with our catalogue and online services. 

- We help our clients generate profitability with customised products and unique designs through our specialised service.


 At Cerdá we have a deep respect for nature, and we want to leave future generations a cleaner and more cared-for world.